[X360] Fable 2

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[X360] Fable 2

Mensagem  HuGi em Sex Out 17, 2008 12:18 am

Este jogo(RPG) desenvolvido pela LionHead Studios e Editado pela Microsoft é outro dos exclusivos de peso da Consola da Microsoft para este Natal, dito por Molyneux que será o jogo que definirá a Xbox 360 , é um dos grandes jogos a sair este Natal Wink

Algumas antevisões e entrevistas :


"Fable 2 is a magical world. The graphics, moral decisions, story-arcs, and characters in the game will ensure this. It may well turn out to be what gamers had hoped the first game would be, which is a lofty task indeed."

"Two hours isn’t even close to enough time to get a true impression of what Fable II is truly going to end up like. But my whistle is definitely wetted. There are a ton of things to do like taking on jobs, buying properties and becoming a real estate mogul, and oh yeah, becoming a super badass warrior with awesome magic powers and super powerful weapons. Despite all the flexibility in gameplay, all the relationships and interactions with NPC’s in the game, Fable II is a action/RPG at its core, full of awesome action, expansive exploration and character development. But now, I don’t want to see it again until I have the real thing in my hands. Stop teasing us, Peter Molyneux."

"Peter Molyneux told us that Fable 2 will be his best game to date and so far we're inclined to agree."

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